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Sistemul de popularitate a fost perfectionat. Astfel in functie de numarul mesajelor postate pe forum veti urca in grad. Gradele sunt asemanatoare celor din armata, singurule diferente sunt ca gradul cel mai mic se numeste "Membru" iar gradul suprem se numeste "Vip". Pentru a urca la un nivel superior este nevoie sa postezi 25 de mesaje.

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Started by enlaclexy, 27 November , 2012, 10:13:59 am

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uggs uk September 10,, the Japanese government announced "buy" diaoyu islands and affiliated south island and north island, implementation of the so-called "nationalization"22 billion won application, this is almost twice this year H went to the north, in addition, he also out around, feel "revolution" atmosphere Also, the Japanese car manufacturers also considering the Chinese production parts export it countries plan This makes each soccer fan to become the important person of attention And mountain MuDing said, although Malaysia not terrorist organizations to recruit members of the center, but do not deny that the country has been the terrorists as a transit station, multiple access horse its border According to reports, a gold from Syria domestic emission of mortar shells fell on the day it is le hool method province gram just card lai county and explosion, leading to a mother and her four children were killedReports say, although the Japanese government hope the summit talks announced start the China, Japan and South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, but because YeTian government illegal "buy" diaoyu islands cause opposite sino-japanese relations, as well as Korea and Japan DuDao (day said: bamboo island), held talks hopelessAccording to the Russia "RIDUS" news network news, Russia net friend micrsy o, column assorted cove, base has in its "push," a detailed description of the blog, a new "emancipation" movementAlliance Boots (Alliance Boots), chairman of the board's special method, peja cena (Stefano Pessina) has to buy a Chinese medicine a minority stake in the wholesaler But in the world, about "China's 30 years streak also can last long?" Debate is some economists as "gambling" North Korea representative song il ho also said, day toward agreed to in the day toward Pyongyang's declaration of basis to improve ties between the two countries, "between the two countries but also a lot of problems need to solve the" On both sides of the end of last month signed a memorandum of monetary settlement mechanism (MOU), have "RMB funds pool," said the Taiwan also will join the raceA song "autumn don't come back," let my thoughts such as a powerful and unconstrained style, missing the sincere feeling, is deeply rooted in my mind, let I how firmly, but always linger

cheap ugg boots uk "Film events" continue to produce new victims, Afghanistan 18 happen car bomb attacks, organizers say the attacks to the U And from this spring up to now, this event cause more and more attention of the molecules network activityIndia ministry of the interior affairs undersecretary jose pull peary, vladimir radmanovic to the Indian parliament QianDeLan had confirmed that the Chinese people's liberation army in 2010 and 2011, the 228 and 213 times, 2012 by April have 64 timesAnalysts believe that, shikoku organization is not might if deal with Syria crisis reach agreement, but the move is Egypt's new President determined to make a return to Egypt in the political center of signal Pakistan national disaster administration 9,, according to figures released in heavy rains had killed a total of 69 people However, the presidential palace but still did not indicate whether it would continue to keep John terry a new suitor tried to launch multiple coup Julian will missile defense system foreshadowing At present already in Toyota's official website release Who can ratio who noble 18, Japan after the dissolution of the house is the first Sunday No matter WaWu words, ao village words, tongren words, or mandarin, all is pure Chinese, just pronunciation is not the sameAccording to the British broadcasting corporation reported that this year a total of 23 women on the list of China's richest, the three less than last yearAccording to Singapore's "lianhe zaobao" on September 17 news, the United States defense secretary palmer inside tower warning, the asia-pacific region territorial disputes could cause "provocative", to other countries, including the United States, involved in the war "sit real, will seriously damage panasonic upright and mild and the key problems in order to" position firmness "specialists in what is known as the image of the minister, at the same time also will be in a certain extent implication to the current cabinet

ugg uk Disclaimer copyright works, without the web huanqiu But nearly two-thirds of the people think that relations between China and the United States in good condition, the person of 55% support with the establishment of a stable relationshipSouth Korea's defense ministry related sources say, JinKuan town that day morning already will prepare for the joint chiefs of staff situation inspection Tours of the results of the survey report it to the President lee myung-bak This should not hinder we accept these state investment But, history will always forward, in the Obama re-elected and China eighteen big held after the meeting will also speed up the forward speed"Reports say, mo yan formerly known as GuanMo industry, was born in 1955, he has published many novels, short stories and essays, the topic is very diversiform"Reported that the United States and some western countries accuse Iran of in civilian nuclear program under the cover to build nuclear weapons Report says, "this is in recent years China's most large-scale navy, HaiJian and fishery administration and joint exercises" Understand the requirement of Russia and the demand, China's smooth development opportunities to share the far east the key Another similar to paste the false shock device watch, although also may move up, but may not run long time, more no real value of collectionPakistan's "national peace prize winners, 14-year-old girl and LABS was the taliban's shooting caused by the" butterfly effect "increasingly prominentAccording to reports, in the south Korean President lee myung-bak in August after the first DuDao, resulting in Korea and territorial disputesAccording to the yomiuri shimbun newspaper, Japan on November 6, news, Okinawa police 5 days for suspected robbery for rape, already will be 23 years old beauty navy private first class Browning and the other a transfer of an unwitting accomplice to the county naha city prosecutors As for the United States education reform a key challenge, two party's presidential candidate seems to be not interested

ugg boots cheap eI do not know how long after, "oh, oh -" chicken crow from far and near, sound harsh; "Goo goo - -" turtledove twitter when urgent when slow, very popular The director of the center for culture from the $52600 in Russia took part of the purchase of housing, and the other one embezzle suspected nearly $30000 of assets, and applied to meet the individual needsWater island chung also points out that day a famous parity clothes shops, in China before the branch post "diaoyu islands is a part of China's territory" on paper The drill has about 200 members of Japan's ground self defence force soldiers and the Marine corps in the United States first expeditionary force soldiers to for 19 days, the main content is hypothesis from Japan in the southwest of the island by the "enemy" occupation, the joint offensive, landing will "enemies" beat back to regain lost island China's growing middle class, for Canada, it is such a huge market! While there is time, hurry up go to China for gold!" Net is "Fire88Fly" the net friend said This paper appraises said, the south Korean government in the face of the Japanese foreign expansionism thought adopted a clear and powerful measures, and Spain the government and former government Gibraltar territorial sovereignty problem for British take different attitudes The international community should first era, and ask ourselves: it to Syrian brought??????? How can it help Syrian stop this crazy killing?" West of saidAccording to South Korea "central newspaper" 16 news, Mr Abe in September 2012 at the end of the liberal Democratic Party's presidential election yelling out "maintenance national territory powerful Japan" slogan and ultimately elected Bush (George w"Jinying goddess" LiuShiShi yellow finery step eagle appearanceSince 2006, the sixth jinying art festival began, every day the platinum will choose a television field have excellent performance, image pure healthy and energetic actress as "jinying goddess" If the noon of the 15th, fault failed to smooth clear," Russia warriors' aerobatic display team the rest of the four aircraft will have no problem complete performances "

ugg boots cheap Mr Qaddafi has been forbidden to travel and frozen assets" Lin reading way, "with China's rise as political and economic powers, the Chinese people think that they are more less dependent on any countries, including the United States, so they will don't care (election results) The Japanese government for any purpose take South Korea territory DuDao as arguments object and the pursuit of expansionism thought, inexplicable "  In addition to the use of new materials and design-oriented performance, the teams according to their tradition, choose different design variants In Florida, the Democrats lawsuit to ask for more in advance of voting, the reason is voters 4 day had waited in line for hours to a vote According to forecasting agency estimates that, "sandy" America bring loss will reach $50 billion But he also gave up his independence, to meet the conservative wing of the republican party foundation, talk about blindly right-wing topic (for the rich in the tax cuts, reduce the poor welfare, and the war in Iraq, etcS3%, showing that unexpected elastic In the current European debt crisis deepened the background, a Norwegian net friend kidding, don't give the eu award prize, perhaps which day dissolved ban garrison going out at night just temporary measures, and pointed out that "what the base, (U Ladies can show their love for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots outstanding victory over the Dallas Cowboys with the Premier (EQT) Replithentic NFL Jersey made for women and cut to fit the female form The police on the scene found bullet shell, but did not find a weapon Many people expect to see China have a greater development achievements, but there are still many countries to China a great nation is not used to